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World Leader in Mechanical Separation

Designing, manufacturing and retrofitting since 1961

Steam Drums | Gas Liquid Separators | Decokers

Dyna-Therm specializes in the design, manufacture and retrofit of separation equipment and steam drums for the process, power and petrochemical industries. Our steam drums and separators are based on proven designs and decades of experience. We design steam drums and separators to handle both common and difficult problems. Our engineers custom design each application in accordance with specifications and code requirements. Dyna-Therm's separators and steam drums have been in use by major operators and process plants throughout the world for over 60 years.


  • 60 years of building thousands of steam drums.

  • Designed specifically for each application with 110% of increased operating capacity.

  • Increased productivity.

  • Decreased down time.

  • Increased efficiency.

  • Reduced chemical dosing.

  • High quality steam.

  • Elimination of steam in down-comers.

  • Improved control of liquid levels.

  • Reduction in continuous blow-down requirements.

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