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Dyna-Therm Decokers

Dyna-Therm Decokers: Advanced Decoking Separators for Optimal Performance and Compliance

Meet Permitting Requirements with Ease

Since the 1970s, Dyna-Therm has been at the forefront of providing state-of-the-art decoking separators. Our commitment to innovation has led to the continuous enhancement of our separators, ensuring they perform reliably even in the most challenging conditions. Our separators are designed to withstand:

  • High Temperatures: Our decokers are built to operate efficiently in extremely high-temperature environments, ensuring consistent performance without compromise.

  • High Erosion Resistance: We understand the demanding nature of solid/gas separation, which is why our decokers are engineered to resist erosion, prolonging their lifespan and reliability.

  • High Solids Loading: Our separators are capable of handling high solids loading, maintaining efficiency and effectiveness in rigorous operational conditions.

Model DRLH: Meeting PM 2.5 Emission Standards

Our Model DRLH is specifically designed to adhere to stringent environmental standards. It guarantees an emissions rate that meets PM 2.5* emission standards, targeting particulate matter smaller than 2.5 microns. This feature makes it an ideal choice for industries aiming to comply with environmental regulations while maintaining high operational efficiency.

Custom Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Whether you need to decoke a single furnace or multiple furnaces simultaneously, Dyna-Therm has the expertise to tailor a DRLH separator that meets your specific requirements. Our ability to design and provide custom solutions ensures that you get a decoking separator that not only enhances your process efficiency but also helps in improving air quality emissions.

Let Us Address Your Decoking Challenges

At Dyna-Therm, we are dedicated to solving your decoking challenges with high-performance separators that guarantee compliance and operational excellence. Our expertise in decoking technology positions us uniquely to assist in addressing your specific needs.

Choose Dyna-Therm for Guaranteed Performance

When you opt for a Dyna-Therm decoker, you're choosing a solution that guarantees performance under the most demanding conditions. Let us help you meet your operational and environmental goals with our advanced decoking technology. Reach out to us to discuss how we can assist in optimizing your decoking process and ensuring compliance with environmental standards. Performance isn’t just a goal; it’s our guarantee!

Decoker separator
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