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Dyna-Therm Separators

Centrifugal Separators | Gas Liquid Separators

Dyna-Therm is an industry leader in the manufacturing of all types of separators. We have a long history of service that includes hundreds of applications. Dyna-Therm is a recognized leader in the field of centrifugal separators. We have been providing separation solutions since 1961.


Our strengths include:

  • Providing customers with a separator design that fits budgets without compromising design and separator efficiency.

  • Protecting process equipment such as turbines, compressors, reciprocating engines, ejectors, valves, etc. from erosion, deposits, solids and damaging slugs of liquids and solids.

  • Increasing operating efficiency of process equipment such as waste heat boilers, ejectors, strippers, evaporators and reactors.

  • Increasing process efficiency by separating liquid mist particles from vapor overhead.

  • Increasing product purity by removing liquid mist and solid particles.

  • Reducing pollution and corrosion problems by removing corrosive or polluting mist or solids from process steams.

We manufacture from simple inline separators to large multi-stage units and from high pressure to static pressure.

We construct in carbon steel and any exotic materials that may be required to meet the demands of service.

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