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Vertical Vane Separators

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The application for vertical vane separators involves conditions which have high liquids loadings with pulsating or fluctuating flows and need liquid storage. Dyna-Therm vertical vane separators deliver the highest gas purity capability of any mechanical separator. We offer two models that meet demanding application:  CC and CLV.

Materials: Any metal that can be formed and welded.
Guarantee: 99.9% of all particles 3 microns and larger. For steam service 99.995% quality steam.

CC                             The best mechanical separator available on the market today!

Use: Vertical upflow for removal of liquids or solids from any vapor stream.

Operating Range: 0% to 130%


1. Handles gas/liquids up to 500:1 ratio and higher.

2. Efficiency plus during overloading. The CC unit delivers guaranteed purity.

3. Unique design combines a slug catcher and a separator in one unit.

4. Provides unexcelled protection for compressors, turbines and catalyst beds.

5. Geothermal well applications.

6. Capable of drying steam, leaving less than 0.01 PPM/TDS in the steam.

7. Increases production of wet gas wells.

8Removes 99.995% of particles 3 microns or larger.

9. Low maintenance, no moving parts and self cleaning.

Internal Type: Centrifugal Chevron

CLV                           Use: Vertical upflow for removal of liquid particles from a vapor stream.

Operating Range: 0% to 130%


1. Storage capacity as required is available in the lower shell section.

2. Unit has very low pressure drop.

3. Excellent separation efficiency at fluctuating flows.

Precaution: Not recommended for removal of solids only. High liquids loadings.

Internal Type: Chevron

Model CC separator
Model CLV separator
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